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A refrigerator is a must-have home appliance in any season. It is used to keep perishable foods such as milk, butter, bread, fresh fruits and vegetables, and so on. So, buying a fridge is a time-consuming process because it must cater to all of your cooling and preservation needs. The size of your family, the amount of food that needs to be preserved, the price of the refrigerator, and other factors all influence your decision to purchase this large home appliance. If you are looking for a product like this for your home, you can find a wide range of fridges on Just Save Electronics and Home Appliances, which carry brands like Samsung, LG, Ramtons, Bruhm and others.



Refrigerator Price List will assist you in making the best purchasing decision by allowing you to search in our list of refrigerators in Kenya. We understand that purchasing a refrigerator is not an impulsive decision and that several factors must be considered, such as size, capacity, brand, door style, and special features. At Just save electronics and home appliances we offer best prices of fridges in Nairobi, Kenya.



When it comes to refrigerators, one of the first things that come to mind is their style. Are they small enough to fit in a small room? Will they be spacious enough to accommodate a large family? You can select from the following options based on:

Single Door Refrigerators

If you’re on a tight budget, have a small family, or have limited space in your kitchen, the compact design of a single-door fridge may be just what you’re looking for. Within the refrigerator, there is a freezer and a vegetable compartment.

Double Door Refrigerators

Double-door refrigerators provide more space and a better cooling effect, allowing you to keep food for a longer period of time. They have a capacity of 235-495 liters. Using energy-efficient star ratings, you can find some of the best double-door refrigerators that optimize electricity usage and consume less power, resulting in lower utility bills.

Side by Side Door Refrigerators

A side-by-side refrigerator resembles a cupboard with two doors that open side by side. These refrigerators aid in the reduction of heat loss. They are quickly becoming popular in modern homes because they have more features such as an LED display, a water dispenser, multi-air flow cooling, and a larger capacity than single and double-door fridges.

Triple Door Refrigerators

The 3-way flexible shelf gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to storing different types of foods at the same time. Triple-door refrigerators are frost-free, have large separate vegetable drawers at the bottom, and have a storage capacity of 240-350 liters.

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